A Rebirth at the Met: Wolfgang roars back

June 24th, 2011 by benj

I can still remember the first time I saw Wolfgang in a live set. It was 2001 – the album Black Mantra had just been released and as a sixteen year old who was living in Manila for the first time, I was very eager to go to as many gigs as I can watch the best bands of the day. I have always been partial towards Wolfgang, I listened to them back in high school and I was really hooked because of how effective their lyrical imagery is. The band is simply unafraid to take their thoughts and draw allusions to things that may sound weird (or in my words, biblical), controversial (think Heavenspent from Black Mantra) or downright strange (the title track and yes, the album Semenelin).

The first time I saw ‘em, I was in Mayric’s – a bar that has been renamed to Sazi’s today. It’s a very small place. It’s quite a humble (yet hallowed) place that has hosted many rock legends – Wolfgang is easily one of the biggest ones in that bar.

Now that Basti has decided to stay in the country for good, we can put the long years that Wolfgang pretty much ceased to exist as we knew them in the 90s. Sure, there were around a couple of shows a year to somehow quench the yearning for a Wolfgang fix but real junkies would never get enough of it.

Wolfgang may have been together for 20 years now but the band is still in very unfamiliar in a lot of ways. The band “left” the game around the time that the rules were changing and the consumer profile of the devourers of music was in flux. There was certainly a revolution regarding what was considered to be the “hip” mainstream sound. There were still strong purveyors of hard classic rock in Wolfgang and Razorback but the newer and more novel tracks of Slapshock, Cheese and Greyhoundz were starting to get more airplay. The new generation of rock fans were shuffling into the mix and for the most part, it felt like Wolfgang was not in their musical diet. Read the rest of this entry »

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Wolfgang at the Met! June 18, 2011

May 20th, 2011 by benj


Wolfgang’s first major concert since Basti Artadi’s return is now less than a month away!

WOLFGANG AT THE MET. Metropolitan Theatre (Lawton, Manila). June 18, 2011. 8PM. Special Tickets for the Wolfpack will be on sale via the Wolfgang hotline starting tomorrow, May 21st! LET’S ROCK!
TICKET PRICES (exclusive for the FB Wolfpack and those enrolled at the Wolfgang hotline texting list)
Orchestra Center (rows 1 -20): P850
Orchestra Side (rows 1 -12): P850
Orchestra Side (rows 13 – 20): P525
Orchestra Wings (Front bleachers, free seating): P425
Orchestra Wings (Rear bleachers, free seating): P326

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Wolfgang rocks Puerto Princesa

March 26th, 2011 by benj

Wolfgang is officially back! Basti’s back in the Philippines for good and the band just did the first of thirty concerts that they’ll be doing all over the Philippines throughout the remainder of the year.

The band performed as the third band in the line-up last night at Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. The band played seven songs. The set list is as follows:



Bought and Sold

Halik ni Hudas

Mata ng Diyos

Natutulog Kong Mundo



One down, 29 more to go! Next stop, Boac, Marinduque!

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How many NU Rock Awards has Wolfgang won? (Part 1)

March 12th, 2011 by benj

NU107 has closed shop and the Rock Awards are probably out for the count as well (at least for now), so now would be a good time to look back and see just how many times the band took home trophies from the Philippines’ largest rock awards event.

Artist of the Year

Wolfgang is one of the few bands to have won Artist of the Year more than once. The list of winners who have taken home this award is pretty illustrious – only Parokya ni Edgar (3) has won more times than Wolfgang; Eraserheads, Slapshock and Bamboo are the only three bands who could claim that they have won the title in multiple occasions.

Wolfgang’s best artist wins were conferred to them back in 1996 and 1998 – for the albums Semenelin and Wurm respectively.

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Tanduay First Five TV ad: It’s Time

March 10th, 2011 by benj

To drum up interest for the Tanduay First Five concert series, Tanduay has tapped the five bands for the concert to collaborate with a creative team headed by tv commercial director Chuck Basinillo to come up with a really good ad. The TVC is inspired by Frank Miller’s Sin City and features Wolfgang, Chicosci, Kamikazee, Sandwich and Parokya ni Edgar.

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Basti Artadi’s latest interview

March 8th, 2011 by benj


Basti Artadi is coming back to the Philippines for good and he will play with Wolfgang in front of a huge crowd of Palawe├▒os on March 25 as the Tanduay First Five tour rolls out on Puerto Princesa City. To tide you over before the show hits your city, here’s a copy of an e-mail interview with Wolfgang’s prodigal vocalist.


Why do you think being part of the Tanduay First Five is important for WOLFGANG?
Basti Artadi : Because it allows us the opportunity to play for more people, particularly in places where we have never been before.

How do you feel as both a musician and a music-lover about being part of the Tanduay First Five and the tour?

Basti : Excited, this is the first time Wolfgang will be on tour in 8 years.

How did your joining the Tanduay First Five come about?

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Wolfgang – 1996 NU Rock Awards Artist of the Year

March 7th, 2011 by benj

This photo was taken during the 1996 NU Rock Awards. Wolfgang won as Artist of the Year and Basti Artadi, Mon Legaspi as well as Wolf Gemora won for the individual categories. This was recently posted by Philmusic and I figured it’s a great counterpoint to what’s happening now.

This photo showcased Wolfgang as they were emerging as rock’s newest big names and eleven years later, Wolfgang rises again to reclaim their rightful place in the rock pantheon.

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FHM picks up Tanduay First Five

March 6th, 2011 by benj

It seems like the country’s biggest magazine in terms of overall circulation has picked up the story about the Tanduay First Five. FHM put together a short video clip that sums up everything that happened during the launch last Thursday (March 3). Again, Tanduay First Five will be touring thirty cities nationwide starting March 25 (Puerto Princesa City) and would end sometime in December with the culminating concert in Iloilo City. Wolfgang, Parokya ni Edgar, Chicosci, Sandwich and Kamikazee will be rocking the stage along with the current Tanduay beauty – Iya Vilania.

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Manila Bulletin: Basti coming back for good!

March 6th, 2011 by benj

…and finally, old media publishes the story on Basti Artadi staying for good. It was a sad day when Basti informed everyone that he was going to the US to start a new chapter in his life almost eight years ago but those who stuck around and waited have seen the over half a dozen concerts (in Manila, Singapore, Cebu and Dubai), a new studio album (Villains), a live album (Alive 2007) and now, the return of Basti and a soon-to-be-released seventh studio album.

Thank you Manila Bulletin for running the story. Hopefully the word gets out to all the fans of Wolfgang out there! 2011 is a great year to be a Wolfgang fan!

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Wolfgang’s first stop is Puerto Princesa City, Palawan!

March 6th, 2011 by benj

Tanduay First Five will be kicking off in Puerto Princesa City in the island of Palawan on March 25! This will be the first concert of Wolfgang since Basti publicly confirmed that he will be staying in the Philippines for good. Basti has said in a recent interview that he’s excited to play in Palawan since it is one of the few places in the Philippines that Wolfgang has yet to play in!

So yes, Palawan will get it’s first taste of Wolfgang ever on March 25. There are no details yet as to where the concert’s going to be but wherever it is, I’m sure the people of Puerto Princesa will be in full force to show support for Wolfgang and the rest of the Tanduay First Five roster!

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